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Dane johnson


Dear Dane:

Thank you for speaking with me earlier today about test matter. As we discussed, the following engagement letter will outline the terms and conditions of our representation of you in this matter.

When you have reviewed the letter, please digitally sign it in the space provided. You may login to this private client portal any time to quickly and easily review and sign other legal documents, pay invoices, and use secure instant messaging to conveniently and efficiently communicate with us and manage communications related to this matter. Please also feel free to call me at or .

This Legal Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) is between (“you” and “your”) and DeepFocus Law LLP (“DeepFocus”). You and DeepFocus hereby agree that DeepFocus will provide legal services to you subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.

Conditions. DeepFocus will have no obligation to provide legal services until you return a signed copy of this Agreement

Expenses. In addition to attorney fees, DeepFocus will bill you monthly for actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred in performing legal services in connection with the Matter. If DeepFocus anticipates incurring any significant individual expenses on your behalf, such as filing fees, DeepFocus may require you to advance the cost of such expenses.

Consent to Use of Cloud Services. You acknowledge that although DeepFocus will take reasonable steps to secure communications conducted and information stored online, such uses of digital technology, including e-mail, may include risks related to security and confidentiality of your information. You hereby consents to communications and information pertinent to the Matter being transmitted through and electronically stored on third party cloud-based services.

Your Duties. You agree to cooperate with DeepFocus, be truthful, pay invoices in a timely manner, and keep DeepFocus informed of information, developments, and documents necessary for DeepFocus to represent you effectively that may come to your attention , any changes of the ownership of your trademarks, and any changes to your contact information.

Trademark Authorization. You hereby authorize DeepFocus to respond to all non-substantive USPTO office actions without prior consultation or approval, including without limitation actions related to descriptions of the mark’s form and meaning, disclaimers, claims of ownership, correspondence information, and grammatical or other errors.

Trademark Representations and Warranties. In providing DeepFocus with information, materials, or both to be used by DeepFocus in prosecuting your trademark application, you expressly represent and warrant that: (a) You believes that you are entitled to use your candidate mark in commerce; (b) To the best of your knowledge, no other person, firm, corporation, or association has the right to use your candidate mark in commerce, either in the identical form thereof or in such near resemblance thereto as to be likely, when used on or in connection with the goods/services of such other person, to cause confusion or mistake, or to deceive; (c) You declare that all statements made of your own knowledge and provided to DeepFocus are true, and that all statements made on your information and belief are believed to be true; (d) You understand that willful false statements and the like may be punishable by law and grounds for invalidating any trademark filings based on such statements; (e) You understand that DeepFocus may reasonably rely on any information, materials, or both provided by you to be used in connection with the Matter; and (f) You agree to indemnify and hold harmless DeepFocus from any liability arising from your breach of the above representations and warranties.

Termination and Withdrawal. You may terminate DeepFocus’ representation at any time. DeepFocus may withdraw from representation, subject to any applicable Rules of Professional Conduct, for good cause, including without limitation for your breach of this Agreement, refusal to follow advice on a material matter, or any fact or circumstance that would make continuing representation unlawful or unethical.

Conclusion of Services. If services conclude before completion of this engagement, all unpaid costs will immediately become due and payable. After services conclude, DeepFocus will, on your request, deliver your file and property in DeepFocus’ possession, whether or not you have paid for all services. If you would like DeepFocus to maintain your file for more than ten years after the conclusion of services on a given matter, a separate written agreement must be made between you and DeepFocus, which may provide for you to bear the cost of maintaining the file.

Disclaimer of Guarantee. You acknowledge that although DeepFocus will provide reasoned judgment and advice at all times, DeepFocus cannot guarantee a particular outcome of any engagement. You further acknowledge that filing a trademark with the USPTO is an application process, DeepFocus cannot and does not guarantee that the USPTO will register your candidate mark.; and although DeepFocus will conduct a reasonable search for potentially conflicting marks, third parties may oppose registration of your candidate mark.

Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is held unenforceable in whole or in part, the remainder of that provision and the other remaining terms will be severable and remain in effect.

Modification. This Agreement may be modified by subsequent agreement of the parties only in writing signed by them or by oral agreement only to the extent that the parties carry it out.

Entire Agreement. The parties intend that this Agreement represent their entire agreement and contain all the terms they agreed to relating to its subject matter.


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